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Txaki (TX-1) Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Txaki (TX-1) Feminized Marijuana Seeds
Txaki (TX-1) is a 1:1 & sativa dominant strain. It has a unique heritage taken from the rare Mexican cut Tijuana, a favorite for cannabis connoisseurs worldwide.

During testing, Txaki’s CBD count ranged from 17.5% to 8.9%, while its THC count ranged from 11.4% to 4.5%. This strain is recommended for those that are looking for the therapeutic effects of both CBD and THC with a more sativa like cerebral effect.

Txaki flowers with bright white colors and high amounts of resin and should provide a wide range of therapeutic properties and pleasant flavor to the medicinal user. Txaki is suitable for both making extractions and vaping/smoking.

Txaki (TX-1) can be grown both indoors and outdoors. It is recommended for all environments and grow-media but can often become very large. Therefore, it is recommended that she is given plenty of space.


Genetics: Tijuana x CD-1

Variety: Sativa Dominant

Flowering Time: 10-11 weeks

Flowering Type: Photoperiod

Yield: 300 – 400 gr/m²

Sex: Feminized

THC Content: 4.5-11.4%

CBD Content: 8.9-17.5%

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