Ace Seeds

Ace Seeds

A.C.E. Seeds is a group of Cannabis seed breeders and Cannabis lovers dedicated to the preservation and study of the wonderful marijuana plant. ACE Seeds pure landrace varieties are the origin of all the domesticated varieties are a prime example of the fantastic adaptation of cannabis to the different ecosystems of our planet. These cannabis varieties are disappearing for many reasons, such as the elimination of natural habitats, war, loss of ancestral cultures, genetic contamination, globalization and laws prohibiting research and use of this plant almost around the world.

Although we already count with many medical applications based in Cannabis (Medical Marijuana or ‘MMJ’), we have still only barely scratched the surface of this plant’s potential and what it can offer to the world. A.C.E. Seeds company wants to improve the lack of genetic diversity and stop the endogenous depression that Cannabis strains are suffering at the moment. By offering pure, fresh and different genetics.

From the Medical Marijuana point of view, the benefits and uses of cannabinoids haven’t been thoroughly studied, and many of these pure varieties have a unique cannabinoid profile that could be useful for treating many different diseases. A.C.E. Seeds offers you fresh and new genetics selected from the best of their extensive library of C.Sativa strains, collected from all around the world and preserved in their collection. They are proud to offer you these varieties and bred by A.C.E. Seeds from their private collections.

Ace Seeds are specialized in Sativa strains. In the past decade, they have offered Sativa genetics from Brazil, Colombia, Panama, Guatemala, Mexico, Angola, Malawi, Senegal, Congo, Lesotho, Reunion Island, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Philippines, just to name a few. They have also worked with landrace indicas from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Mongolia and China.

The classic strains at Ace Seeds have been bred from the base: the landraces. First, they start preservation projects with original and high-quality landraces, reproducing all the landrace strains them for the future. Then, they study and refine these unique landrace types, improving their best traits through selections of the best parental plants. Finally, they combine the best traits from different landraces into more vigorous, robust and adaptable hybrids. Most of these hybrids are also stabilized using broad and healthy populations over several generations.