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Treat Depression 2019

What strains of cannabis are good for fighting depression? In this article we explore using different marijuana strains for fighting it and alleviating symptoms. Depression can be crippling. It is the main reason for people to take their own lives. Never has been such a spike in the number of diagnosed depression cases than today.

The world that we live in is growing more hectic and is speeding towards places where treating mental issues is becoming more of a stigma and less of a priority of modern research labs. However, privately funded organizations and the basic need for a simple cure or at least an alleviation to this condition have brought us countless of experiments and research results that lead to one thing – cannabis can treat depression. Even the part of the scientific world which denies this fact, admits that even if it couldn’t actually treat depression itself, it would strongly alleviate your symptoms.

Living in a region where marijuana isn’t legal will be tough on your choices, as you wouldn’t have much to chose from. That being said, you could still use this simple guide to at least ask for the name of a specific strain. On the other hand, if you live in a place where cannabis is legalized, you could enjoy the wide selection that we are about to offer you and pick among some of the best marijuana strains for depression.

Having a variety of strains to choose from you will soon notice that throughout the whole marijuana spectrum, from pure indica to sativa, there are certain ones that are in fact far better suited for depression, anxiety, stress and other symptoms related to the mental health of a person. So let’s figure out why is this phenomenon occurring.

The secret to this is hidden into the chemical profile of a certain strain. Looking beyond the THC blueprint, we find a rather complex composition of cannabinoids and terpene compounds which offer us a myriad of healing properties.

Exactly these cannabinoids compounds in marijuana may work to counteract the effects of stress in our bodies and prevent depression. It is a known scientific fact that high levels of chronic stress lead to a lowered amount of essential endocannabinoids in our bodies. This initiates a chain reaction which results in anxiety, pain and lastly – depression.

Before we get to the choosing part, let’s have a brief look on some of the best marijuana strains to cure depression.

First, let’s list all the varieties that are proven to work:



  • Purple Kush


Now let’s take a deeper look in some of them (and some others that are worth mentioning as well):


This is the so-called “one hit wonder”. This is an award winning strain that produces a high which relaxes you and relieves your anxiety. It is perfect for mild to mid depression. It is a Sativa-Dominant Hybrid, coming mainly from Thailand, Mexico, Afghanistan and Colombia. Has about 15-20% THC in it and is characterized by a calming, euphoric, happy and even sleepy effect. Relieves depression, headaches, different kinds of pain, sleeplessness and stress.

Jack Herer

This is one of the most well-known strains on earth and is called after the influential cannabis activist. It has a simultaneously activating and soothing effect on your system. It is a hybrid with a 17-24% THC rates. It is characterized by an energizing effect along with euphoria and happiness. It relieves depression, fatigue, nausea, pain and chronic stress.

Pineapple Express

The forever immortalized strain by the iconic movie which came out in 2008 is a sativa-dominant hybrid with a 12-17% THC range. It specializes in relieving symptoms such as lack of coordination, confusion, depression, fatigue, nausea and nightmares.

Blue Dream

This strain will make you feel uplifted while in the same time it will ease up any built-up tension in you, as well as reduce anxiety and stress levels. It is a Sativa-Dominant Hybrid with a THC Range of about 17-24%. It has a calming but euphoric effect which helps relieve symptoms of depression, inflammations and migraines.

So How Do I Chose The Right One For Me?

Getting close to your exact combination of strains (or one certain strains) is often a long and complex process which requires you to try out different kinds and see which works best for you, as even though humans are similar, each one of us is unique deep down to the molecular level, where cannabinoids work up their way to help us fight depression. There are general patterns, though. For example, the sativa strains are well-known to be uplifting which can be helpful in mild depression, while the hybrids offer an array of beneficial effects on your nervous system helping you fight multiple symptoms of mental illnesses at once.

Often you might need more than one strain in a combination depending on the nature of your symptoms. Keep in mind that dosage is perhaps one of the most important aspects of using medical marijuana to treat depression. You need to start slowly and with small dosages and work your way up to the necessary amounts for your condition. Starting of fast on high dosages could have the opposite effect, which is something we want to avoid.

Let’s Wrap Up

When it comes to depression thinks need to be well evaluated before any actions are to be taken. Consulting a physician is always the best and most correct path to take here (a psychiatrist to be exact), as depression can be unpredictable while taking sharp turns in a matter of minutes. Cautiously, your way of self-treatment need to follow some basic guidelines such as starting on small dosages, as mentioned above and evaluating the situation on a regular basis.

Ask yourself questions such as “Do I feel better after smoking?” or “Have I improved over the course of smoking this strain?”. Most importantly keep a track on your mood and always stay on the positive side of things. We hope this brief explanation has made you a bit more familiar with the subject of medical cannabis and has gotten you a step closer to knowing which are the best marijuana strains to treat depression.

Upper Canada Seed Bank is also proud to be the only place in North America where Medical Marijuana Genetics seeds are sold. If you are looking for high CBD strains we highly recommend the following strains:

Candida (CD-1) – CBD levels of between 20.6% and 10.9% CBD with THC levels rising with higher CBD levels – but never passing 1% THC.

Txaki (TX-1) – CBD count ranged from 17.5% to 8.9%, while its THC count ranged from 11.4% to 4.5%.

Green Doctor (GD-1) – CBD count ranged from 16.9% to 10.2%, while its THC count ranged from 12% to 3.7%.

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