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One important thing to consider when shopping for marijuana seeds is making sure you get the right genetics from the right breeders. Get your cannabis seeds right here at Canada’s newest seed bank the Upper Canada Seed Bank. We offer the largest selection of seeds in North America from some of the best breeders in the world.

Order affordable seeds from our online store, and we’ll ship your order quickly and discretely. We carry a huge range of regular, feminized, autoflowering, and medical seeds at great prices.

Using high-quality marijuana seeds is the most reliable way to develop the very best plants. This also ensures that you are growing with the best possible genetics.
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Growing weed from seed

Growing from seed is the absolute best way to do it and produces the buds within a similar genetic range.  Though growing from a female clone ensures you a female plant, there may be little room for variation and improvement.

– There is a wider range of strains accessible in seed than in clone, opening up your choices for growing entirely different genetics.
– Cannabis seeds can be delivered anywhere on the earth so that you don’t need a local medical dispensary to be able to grow.
– Should you intend to breed, you’re better off with cannabis seeds as they yield better genetics as a result of the plants going through less stress and are much less likely to be male.
– Crops grown from seeds don’t experience any of the genetic drift as from clones which have been taken from a mom plant.
– Cannabis Seeds produce higher rooting systems which offer you a stronger plant when flowering.
– Growing from seed provides you a chance to try one thing new each time.
– Good cannabis seeds have a germination rate of 85% and above, whereas clones have a success rate of 50%.

Best way to grow weed

When choosing the right marijuana seeds, you must know what kind of pot you want to grow. The best way is usually with top notch genetics. Are you rising for medical causes, are you an industrial grower or are you a leisure smoker into connoisseur strains? Do you will have lots of space, reside in a good climate, or do you just have a closet? These are the questions you must ask yourself in the event you’re going to pick a strain to grow.

There are lots of several types of strains that go well with each toker’s tastes. Be sure you decide a strain that may develop within the local weather you’re going to supply it. Know its progress traits and the anticipated period it is going to take to develop from seed into smokeable bud. Use our strain information that can assist you to select an appropriate breed.

Good cannabis seeds will likely be hard and darkish brown with spots or mottling. Depending on the strain, the size will fluctuate as Indica strains have a tendency to provide massive seeds with what appears to be like tiger stripes, and Sativa marijuana seeds are typically smaller, with little markings on the seed casing. Keep away from using pale, green, cracked or weak cannabis seeds as these are unlikely to germinate or will produce weak plants. Bear in mind, good looking seeds produce good looking buds.

Marijuana Seeds Feminized

Usually, in the event you had been to purchase regular seeds, around 50% would turn into male and the other half would produce female vegetation.  Shopping for feminized seeds will increase your probabilities of rising a feminine plant from 50% to 95%.  Though a feminized seed won’t ever develop a male plant, poor growing situations and genetics make some strains inclined to rise as hermaphrodites.

What genetic varieties of weed can be found?

All marijuana plants are variations of the Cannabis Sativa plant, together with; Cannabis Sativa, Cannabis Indica, and Cannabis Ruderalis. On account of years of cultivation, it is vitally rare to get a pure version of any of those varieties, with most being hybrids which have a dominant genetic kind.

Under is a short abstract of every strain and their key traits.

– Sativa – Sativa plants develop tall and skinny, take longer to mature, and have a tendency to provide greater yields than Indica plants. The high is cerebral and energetic.
– Indica – Indica plants develop short and bushy, mature sooner than Sativa’s producing sticky and resinous buds. The buzz is more of a body stone that may result in couch lock.
– Ruderalis/Auto-flower – Autos are typically extraordinarily short so are perfect for individuals lacking grow area. They’ll receive light 24 hours a day when flowering and mature in a short time. A pure Ruderalis strain lacks potency, so they’re usually crossed with different, stronger strains to retain THC ranges.
– Hybrid – Hybrids are the most typical kind, made up of two or extra of the above with most hybrid strains having an Indica or Sativa dominance. Ruderalis hybrids are crossed to make quick maturing plants with high potency.

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Buy cannabis seeds online

The best and quickest way to get the best marijuana seeds is online. There are many respected seeds banks that offer excellent genetics at good costs. Listed under are websites we believe and advocate. – Great genetics, huge selection, quick and supportive with fantastic customer support. Additionally, they ship worldwide.


They have a variety of genetics enabling you to seek out the strain that matches your personal preferences. Good online seed banks send them discreetly so that you won’t arouse suspicion at customs. The best online seed banks have customer support and will exchange seeds that haven’t germinated or will refund you. You should purchase feminized seeds understanding that they’ll develop into female plants.


There are lots of fraud corporations on the market who take your cash and don’t ship the seeds in addition to some companies who don’t send what you’ve paid for. Use the recommended seed banks supplied, and also you’ll have the ability to grow the buds you wanted to.


Bagseeds are nice to make use of and can produce a bud that you’ve already tasted. Nonetheless, the growing circumstances that you only present might be very entirely different to those who the seeds had been produced in making it harder to manage.

Very price efficient and you realize what you’re going to smoke.

They’ve low germination rates. Additionally, even in the event you just like the smoke, it’s unlikely that you recreate the identical bud. A bag seed may additionally have hermaphrodite tendencies, explaining why there was a seed in your bag in the first place.

Buy cannabis seeds personally at a store

If you’re fortunate enough to both live in or go to a country that sells seeds legally, it is perhaps worth visiting a seed warehouse.  Marijuana Seed retailers supply a broad range of cannabis seeds and private recommendation when you have particular questions.

The primary benefit is that you may ask as many questions as you need. The vendor might have some preferences and be capable to let you know what to anticipate when growing the strain you will have chosen.

In addition to having to import them back home yourself, it’s hard to get a refund or replacements if the seeds haven’t germinated.

In summary, if you are looking to buy marijuana seeds its best to do so online, as a cannabis seed bank is the most discreet.

How do you store cannabis seeds?

As soon as they’ve been purchased, store your seeds correctly to help guarantee they germinate when needed. Preserve your seeds in a cool, darkish, dry place, ideally around 5°C (barely hotter than a fridge) in an airtight container.  Put in some silica gel or some grains of rice to take away moisture. Getting this right will mean you can store your seeds for as long as five years!

What issues happen in case your marijuana seeds usually are not stored appropriately?get marijuana seeds

In this case they’re much less prone to germinate. If the storage lets in any condensation, the seeds might begin to grow and expend any energy they have before you plant them.

Breeding Cannabis Seeds

If you’re growing from seed rather than the clone, selecting the perfect marijuana seeds to your environment or personal taste will make raising the top product all of the simpler. Marijuana seeds with great genetics usually equal fewer issues throughout your cycle.

Visit our store to browse our selection of top notch seeds!

With worldwide delivery, Upper Canada Seed Bank offers the best selection of weed seeds online.

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