Buy marijuana seeds online 2019

Buy Marijuana Seeds Online 2019

Why buy cannabis seeds online? For the tons of genetic diversity and options to choose from. It’s not going to be as cheap but why would you want to waste time on low-quality seeds when you can get them from the best breeders in the world instead. We understand that cannabis is not legal everywhere. That is why we ensure that all orders get shipped discretely and that your information remains hidden when you make a purchase. We understand that buyers rely on discretion and demand privacy of personal information.

Some seed brands are more popular than others and get priced accordingly. You will quickly become familiar with these names as you frequent the various seed bank websites. We would recommend caution when using smaller seed suppliers as the quality is usually not the best or you might get fake seeds.

Orders are always shipped discreetly, and you can be sure that you will receive the seeds that you buy.

Seeds to buy

Is this your first time buying seeds and you’re unsure of what strains to get? Here is our recommended list of best-selling seeds. No matter which you end up picking, you can’t go wrong. Otherwise go <here> for our starter pack. What’s in our starter pack? Five different strain varieties of easy to grow and low-maintenance plants. They will only grow female plants and will include auto flowering and female mix plants.

Why should you buy marijuana seeds online?

The biggest reason I can think of is discretion. The fact is if you walk into a shop to buy some seeds, you’re going to be on record. From the store cameras to the cashier to whoever sees you outside in the parking lot, other people are going to know. Another good reason? The selection and variety. Your local shop or dealer is just not going to have too many strains. The selection is going to be limited, and the only seeds that are going to be available are the ones they probably bred themselves or can buy and resell to you at the best profit margin. This leads to my third point – the price. Cut out the middleman and the shop profit, get them for the best prices you’re going to find anywhere right here at Upper Canada Seed Bank. We’ve developed great relationships with cannabis plant breeders and can offer you the best strains at the best prices.

Can you buy cannabis seeds?


Can I buy weed seeds online?


You can do whatever you want. The real question is if its legal. And the surprising real answer is most likely Yes! I don’t know where you are from, but here in Canada the collection, purchase, and storage of marijuana seeds is perfectly legal. You may not, however, germinate the seeds and grow plants (soon to change). We do not encourage the use or growth of cannabis seeds and any use other than collection and storage for souvenir purposes.

The best place to buy cannabis seeds online:

At a seed bank, where they offer the largest selection of cannabis strains. Also, that depends on where you are! If you’re over in Europe, then there are many seed banks to choose from.

If you’re in Canada and the United States, then right here at UCS

Buy seeds online at

Reasons: Best selection, best prices, fast shipping, discreet shipping, and our website doesn’t suck. Seriously have you checked out the other sites selling seeds? Also,¬†we don’t sell fake seeds! I know all the hard work, time, and money you’re going to be putting into your collection. We wouldn’t stake our reputation on low-quality seeds!

Visit this link to browse our shop and enjoy this promo code UCS2017 to enjoy 10% off your first order!

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