Where to Buy Cannabis Seeds

Where to buy cannabis seeds 2019

Ever ask yourself the question “where can I buy marijuana seeds” or “where to buy pot seeds?” Well you are not alone! With the pending legalization of marijuana in Canada, I’m sure many Canadians are looking to stock up on seeds. With the new regulations, Canadians will be able to grow up to four plants per household.

In this article, I’ll answer the question of “where can you buy weed seeds.”

  1. The easiest and most convenient place to buy cannabis seeds would be at your local head shop – quantities and variety will be limited. Hopefully you’re not caught on camera. Oh yeah and the prices will be ridiculous! Can’t blame the shop owners though, with the overhead and cost of running a store. Not recommended.
  2. Your local dealer – will probably be bag seed or something they grew in their back yard. Also not recommended.
  3. One place that shouldn’t surprise you is online – buying seeds online you can choose from the largest selection with the most anonymity.

Where can I buy marijuana seeds online?

There are many websites where you can purchase cannabis seeds online, but most of them are overseas or have a small collection of privately breed seeds. With this, there is no guarantee of genetics or the quality of the seeds. You would not want any surprises with your collection later down the road now, do you?

If you dig deep into reviews you’ll see that actually most seed banks available in North American have bad reviews. The biggest issues being poor genetics and fake seeds.

The only place you can buy real authentic seeds is online. We suggest that you buy marijuana seeds right here at Upper Canada Seed Bank. That’s because we have authentic seeds from top quality breeders. We carry the largest selection of marijuana seeds in Canada. We are happy to be able to bring you the finest selection of genetics from all over the world. We have relationships with wholesalers and breeders from over in Europe, and can get you the best cannabis seeds in existence.

At Upper Canada Seed Bank we order and import seeds from overseas from the best cannabis genetics breeders in the world and send them off to you for souvenir and collection purposes. You’ll be fascinated by the genetic diversity that we can bring you. Whether you’re a seasoned vet or a first-time collector, there are plenty of strains to choose from. In fact, we have over 100 breeders and more 2000 different strains! Isn’t that insane?

The best place to buy pot seeds is Upper Canada Seed Bank!

Best place to buy weed seeds

Why are we the best place to get cannabis seeds online?

We have the largest selection and are based in Canada – no chance of your order or shipment getting stopped by customs at the border.

The best place to purchase marijuana seeds here. That is because we are a legal business – we only sell seeds for souvenir and collection purposes. We can’t be responsible for what you do with your seeds. Be it you store them in rockwool, hydro, or in the ground under the dirt.

Warning: keep your seeds in a cool, dry, dark environment. Keep away from water. Otherwise, they might sprout and turn into something like this Northern Light Autoflower.. disaster!

Northern Light Automatic Feminized Marijuana Seeds for sale

Buying pot seeds online with us is pretty straight forward! Browse our selection of seeds, add to cart, checkout and pay via credit card, cash, money transfer, or PayPal. Seeds are shipped discreetly in original breeder packaging (Canada only). Other locations are sent without packaging within random items for discretion purposes.

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